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eXtreme Programming (XP) – An Agile Framework

eXtreme Programming (or XP) is a project management method that applies the Agile development methodology to the eXtreme, which means focusing on the customers needs, implementing iterative development and continuous integration. The project team and its relationship with the client are at the heart of XP.  This method was created by Kent Beck between 1996 […]

Don’t just make an app. Make it with Twixl.

Make an impact.Make a connection.Make a difference.…Make it with Twixl. Creating an app is about showing a communication concept, about offering captivating content, features that make life easier, creativity, … It’s about connecting emotionally with your users, about understanding their behavior and about guiding them all the way. This is what you can do with Twixl… 4 Components Twixl Publisher is a creative platform […]